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CHEM350/Labc350-Organic Chemistry I

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Creation DateMay/28/2018 03:45 AM
Welcome to the CHEM350 Online Prelab Questions web page. Instead of doing the questions in the CHEM350 Report Book, you can do the 9 prelabs here and get immediate feedback on your answers.
Instructions to student:
1.These questions are all 'Open Book' and do not count for any marks in the lab component. They are here to help you prepare and understand what you need to know before you attend your supervised labs. All manuals, books, or notes may be consulted. If needed, a periodic table is also available via AU web page: select 'Study Online' from the side menu, and download the 'Elements.pdf' file.
2.Electronic calculators and the CRC handbook (or online info) may be used.
3.We estimate it should take you 10 minutes in which to complete each set of prelab questions, once you have selected the 'Start the Prelabs now' button below. Please keep track of your own time, as the quizzes do not automatically tell you when the 90 minutes (9 x 10 min ea.) of time has been exceeded.
4.You must enter your ID number to begin and then answer all questions. The number of marks awarded for each question is variable depending on the number of questions in each prelab.
5.When you have finished a set of prelab questions and selected 'Submit Quiz', then click on 'Save Quiz Mark' and the online quiz mark will be automatically submitted to the lab coordinator.
6. Once you start the quiz, you should not restart. Try to answer all the questions without looking at the answers, which will be shown to you once you have submitted the quiz.
CHEM350 Prelab Questions
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