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Nutrition 495/496 - Course Manual

Project Proposal: Nutrition Projects

Mail to

Course Coordinator, Nutrition Projects

Centre for Science

Athabasca University

1 University Drive

Athabasca, Alberta, T9S 3A5

Phone: (780) 675–6448

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Completed university science courses:

Specific problem to be solved, question to be answered, or topic to be discussed:

Methods to be used (includes library research, interviewing, experimentation, etc.):

Materials to be used (includes books, computer programs, equipment, etc.). Note: It is the student’s responsibility to acquire and pay for the necessary materials.

Course applied for: Nutrition 495 (3 credits); Nutrition 496 (3 credits)

(Circle the course(s) that apply)

Note: At first, students may enrol only in Nutrition 495. When they successfully complete Nutrition 495, they may enrol in Nutrition 496. The project undertaken in Nutrition 496 may be a continuation of that addressed in Nutrition 495, or it may be completely different.

Expected start date:

Expected completion date:

Possible project supervisor:

Expertise of proposed supervisor in project area:

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