As science and technology advance, the needs of employers change, and these changes continually reshape the job market for scientists and engineering-related professionals. Such shifts present challenges for students as they struggle to make well-informed education and career choices.

Athabasca University can provide you with the courses, programs, skills, and knowledge you need to discover and pursue your interests in natural and human sciences, as well as mathematics.

AU courses in the Sciences can help you complete university degrees that will lead to careers in biology, marine biology, medicine, botany, oceanography, genetics, forestry, astronomy, surveying, geologist, physics, chemistry, pharmacy, mathematics, statistics, veterinary medicine, nutrition, or geography.

With Athabasca University, you can complete a full Bachelor of Science degree through distance education, take individualized study (formerly home study) courses to fulfill Science requirements of other programs, and/or take courses that are recognized by your home university and will contribute to your successful completion of a degree there.

Through distance learning, you:

  • can learn from home, while on-the-road, or when you are travelling
  • have the flexibility to manage your own time, and schedule your study time
  • can complete your studies and advance your career without leaving your job or home, or, if you're a student elsewhere, causing timetable conflicts at your home institution
  • set your own pace
  • start a course on the first day of any month
  • have e-mail and toll-free telephone access (Canada/US) to a tutor who is an expert in the subject you're studying

Can take one or more courses (take as many as you need !)

Athabasca University students are lavish in their praise of the University, its programs, individualized study (formerly home study) courses, and services. Full counseling and advising services are available.

"When I decided to change careers from teaching school to dentistry, I needed to add some Science credits to my Bachelor of Education degree. Athabasca University was the only university that enabled me to complete the courses I needed and continue working." Edward Pirie, former AU student

"I wish to express my deepest gratitude and point out that AU (its science-based program in particular) offers immense educational opportunities for personal development." Richard Zuccolo, Alumnus (AU's first BSc graduate)

"AU has a great support system for students. I never felt lost . . . never felt alone, because students here are not just numbers or fee-payers. The University and the tutors really seem to care deeply about the students and our success." Corinne Rogers, a part-time Grant MacEwan College Science instructor and AU Alumnus (BSc) who took 27 courses through AU and combined them with courses from other post-secondary institutions to complete her degree.

The flexibility of distance education is what draws most students to Athabasca University. The quality of the instruction, course materials, and support services are what keep them coming back for more.